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Catalog of Multi-Family Dwellings

Caseville Condo
Caseville Condo Caseville Condo 1st Floor Caseville Condo 2nd Floor
Caseville Condo - 2 Bed, 2 Bath
First Floor 760 Sq. Ft.- Second Floor 615 Sq. Ft.
1,375 Sq. Ft. Total,
CottageCove Condo
CottageCove Condo Lake Elevation CottageCove Condo 1st Floor CottageCove Condo 2nd  Floor
Cottage Cove Condo- 2 Bed, 2 1/2 Bath
First Floor 1081 Sq. Ft.- Second Floor 896 Sq. Ft.
1,977 Sq. Ft. Total,
CottageCove Duplex
CottageCove Duplex Lake Elevation CottageCove Duplex Floor Plan CottageCove Duplex Street Elevation
Cottage Cove Duplex
1,188 Sq. Ft. per Unit
Breckenridge Duplex
Breckenridge Duplex Front Elevation Breckenridge Duplex 1st Floor Plan Breckenridge Duplex 2nd Floor Plan
Breckenridge Duplex
1,760Sq. Ft. per Unit
Natures Ridge Duplex
Natures Ridge Duplex Elevation Natures Ridge Duplex
Natures Ridge 2-Unit Duplex
1,178 Sq. Ft.
Auburn Duplex
Auburn Duplex Front Elevation Auburn Duplex Floor Plan
Auburn 2-Unit Duplex
616 Sq. Ft. per Unit
Adrian Duplex Front Elevation Adrian Duplex Floor Plan
Adrian 2-Unit Duplex
1,260 Sq. Ft. per Unit
RiverBank Apartments
RiverBanks Apartments Front Elevation RiverBanks Apartments 1st Floor Plan RiverBanks Apartments 2nd Floor Plan
RiverBanks 4-Unit Apartments
1,175 Sq. Ft. per Unit
Oscoda Lakefront Apartments
Adrian Duplex Front Elevation Adrian Duplex Floor Plan
Oscoda Lakefront Apartments
660 Sq. Ft. per Unit
Williamsburg Tri-Plex Apartments Front Elevation Williamsburg Tri-Plex Apartments Floor Plan
Williamsburg Tri-Plex 3-Unit Apartments
1,008 Sq. Ft. per Unit
Petersburg Apartment Elevation Petersburg Apartments Floor Plan Petersburg Apartments 2nd Floor Plan
Petersburg 4-Unit Apartments
952 Sq. Ft. per Unit