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Often called the future of home building, systems-built or modular construction allows homebuyers to purchase a home made with factory-crafted pre-built components never exposed to the elements. Systems-built homes that are pre-constructed or prefabricated in a factory before being transported to the home site to be completed  are among the fastest-growing segments of the residential construction industry.

Having your new home built, stick-by-stick, rain or snow on your land is the traditional method of construction. For centuries, craftsman constructed homes this way, dealing with, unreliable subcontractors, and other obstacles that prevent a home from becoming weather-tight and efficient.

Taking a cue from the automobile industry, the home building industry gradually accepted pre-built components as a necessity. From simple roof trusses that outline an intricate roofline to prefabricated stair systems, these pre-made components made construction quicker and easier.

As manufacturing technology advanced, residential construction embraced more complex pre-built components and, eventually, entire home components. These homes, built off-site in a climate-controlled environment before being shipped to the home site for assembly, were not mere "pre-fabricated" homes, but highly engineered homes, with components systematically assembled. These are modular built homes. 

Both builder and consumer realize the benefits of modular-built housing. Most building systems save consumers 5-20% in cost over the traditional way of building and offer a reduced construction time, allowing for quicker completion and move-in. Building systems also offer more cost control during the construction process and a high degree of energy efficiency.

GHC is a GREEN Builder. Through aggressive efforts to recycle waste cardboard, metals, vinyl, and lumber, GHC saves over 400,000 lbs of waste material from going into our landfills each year, approximately one-half of the material discarded in a typical site built home.
Every piece of drop from a 2X4 or sheet of plywood is used in an alternative use if at all possible-it is taken to its smallest denominator. Also by shifting the bulk of the home construction process to an environmentally controlled facility, GHC reduces the amount of waste due to vandalism and damage from such environmental elements as rain and snow.

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