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Quick On-Site Modular Building Set Up

setup setup setup
Delivering Modules To House Site.
Front Module Being Prepared For Setting On Foundation.
Rear Module Being Moved
To Foundation.
setup setup setup
Rear Module Lowered
To Foundation.
Preparing Equipment For
Second Module.
Attaching Rear Module To Foundation.
Setup setup setup
Positioning Front Module To
Align With Foundation
Positioning House Jacks To
Support Weight Of The House.
Removing Module From
Transport Carrier To Foundation.
setup setup finished house
Alignment Of Modules To
Each Other And Foundation.
Raising The Roof On Rear Module.
Raising The Roof On Front Module.
setup setup setup
Placing Gable End Walls on
Second Floor.
In Just One Day The House Is
Set On The Foundation,
Weather Proofed and Locked Tight.
Complete with Dormers and
Garage Built On-Site.
Professional Installation
Once each module is complete and passes numerous in-plant inspections, it is placed on a transport carrier for shipment to your site. Once there, each module is shifted by crane or rollers onto your prepared foundation and secured in place. Within a few hours, your building will be set, secure and weather tight.

Finished by Local Craftsmen
Once secure on site, your local GHC-authorized builder will complete the structure, applying all finishing touches, including garages and porches. Another inspection by a local official will assure that your structure is sound, secure and up to code.